Interview with Danielle and Ryan of Old Pine Candle Co.

Mandolin Handbags and Old Pine Candle Co. Gift Set

Mandolin Handbags and Old Pine Candle Co. Gift Set

I first burned the Summit candle from Old Pine Candle Co. and knew I needed to share that experience with everyone I loved. It was incredible. It was gifted by Danielle and Ryan after a weekend visit to their home in Evergreen, CO. As we toured their beautiful work space where natural light floods through the windows and the mountains are just steps away, I knew a collaboration was in the future. Now, we are honored to present the Coaster and Candle gift set. Get to know these beautiful humans through our interview below!


Haley R Black



Meet Danielle and Ryan!


1. Tell me a bit about the Old Pine story. How did you begin this adventure and what interesting things about yourself or what you believe have manifested from this journey?

Danielle, Ryan and Oscar of Old Pine Candle Co.

Danielle, Ryan and Oscar of Old Pine Candle Co.

It all started as a weekend project, there was a curiosity to create & a way to fill our home with beautiful scents we made.  We laugh thinking about how terrible our first candle was with a partial torn off label and the lid still smelling of salsa. I believe the candle fizzled after only an hour of burn time. A stubborn drive guided us towards a gift-able product for family and friends. 

 As we transitioned our life into a new home in Evergreen, CO we talked about starting a family.  Deep discussions about life and our future as a family were triggered by a miscarriage.  We wanted to create an environment and company that would facilitate a workable balance between parenthood, giving and growth. We cleaned out our studio, bought some burners and Old Pine was born. 

The growth of Old Pine has manifested the growth of our family. We added a puppy, Oscar, in June 2017 and our sweet baby boy is due January 2018. We are thrilled to be venturing into the unknown world of parenthood and capitalism, both things I’ve always dreamed of. 




2. I know sustainability is important to you and your brand. Can you explain your position on sustainability further. 

We’ve decided to set up our life and our company in the mountains. As avid outdoor enthusiasts we see first hand the impact that irresponsible use of resources has on our environment. Every year we have to hike a little bit farther and a little bit higher to put our skis on snow. Recognizing these effects on our environment has guided us towards using recycled and recyclable shipping materials, sox wax, natural cotton wicks, phthalate free oils and recyclable jars. When choosing materials for our new products we maintain awareness of our foundational standards. 

Shout out to Ecoenclose out of Longmont, CO, our source for earth-friendly shipping & packaging materials! 



Danielle creating Summit Candles

Danielle creating Summit Candles

3. Describe the "Old Pine Promise"

Here’s the Old Pine Promise

“We established Old Pine Candle Co as a way to create and give back. We are committed to helping people shine their light.  We annually donate 10% of profits to a non-profit or cause that is close to our hearts.” 

This is our foundational standard. We are committed to giving and look forward to how this will unfold as we grow. 



4. Tell us a bit about the creation of your Summit scent, which we are incredibly honored to showcase in our coaster and candle gift sets.

We gravitate towards the pine scents, it’s my favorite! There’s no beautiful story behind it. It started with many glasses of wine (possibly some edibles) and many friends helping us brainstorm. The idea of combining citrus and pine was shouted out. Viola, our best seller! 




5. Your business and life happen to be located in one of the most beautiful and peaceful areas of the country. How does your current location mix with your Saint Louis roots to influence Old Pine?

My desire to be a maker is rooted in my St. Louis experiences. Following my heart to Colorado is where it all came to fruition. In January it will be my fifth year living here. Life exploded with greatness and I never looked back.


Old Pine Candle Co. in Summit

Old Pine Candle Co. in Summit


6. Any other thoughts?

I love my mandolin handbag, it’s simply beautiful. The only bag I use and the only bag I need…until the baby arrives.


Thank you Danielle and Ryan. Congratulations on your growing business and family!