About Mandolin Handbags

Founded and designed by Haley R Black, Mandolin Handbags is an accessories and home goods leather company focusing on handmade, high-quality pieces.  Each eye-catching design is developed, designed, and created in Saint Louis, Missouri. We want you to cherish our pieces and celebrate life with them.

Meet Haley

I grew up on my father’s saddle-making bench watching him create beauty with his hands. I saw the blood, sweat, and soul that went into making each saddle and learned that through craftsmanship, we have the ability to share a piece of ourselves with others.


I’ve carried the lessons from my father’s bench throughout my life and now craft leather goods from my lovely city of St. Louis. I feel so fortunate that I get to wake up every day and work with such a beautiful material in an art form that I so deeply respect.

My hope is that when you carry one of my bags, you are filled with the same sense of pride and presence that I feel when I’m making them. And, I hope that in some small way, my work reminds you that you too have beautiful gifts to share.

A “Mandolin Love Note” accompanies each piece I create. It’s a handwritten, small piece of happiness and support that I wish there was more of in the world. Enjoy it. It’s for you. Then, please spread it along.


Haley R. Black

Owner, Mandolin Handbags


Join the Mandolin Tribe. We celebrate you.

Together, the Mandolin Tribe and our company share empowering notes and images to celebrate the dreamer within. Share yours using #MandolinTribe.

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